International bits and bytes.

We can localise the most diverse applications of different programming languages into your required target languages so that your user interface in the respective localisation will appear as if it had been written and developed for the target market.

Whether these are complex applications for CMS, ERP or CRM or the internationalisation of a simple time management system - we will support you throughout every phase in the development of your software with the utmost expertise and broad experience in this field.

With the aid of special software localisation tools we are able to achieve perfect results within a very short time. With ready-made software files, compiled help guides and all of the associated documentation you will need, it is not even necessary to look at the source code depending on the programming language.

The main challenges in software localisation are in:

  • Ensuring terminological consistency between the user interface, help guides and documentation,
  • Correct post-processing and verification of the interfaces, for instance overlapping objects, truncated text in the object, double hot key entries etc.,
  • Adaptation to cultural conditions,
  • Optimum coordination of individual sub-projects to achieve an optimum project runtime,
  • Linguistic and functional quality assurance by careful checking of quality and functionality in line with the client's specification.

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