Putting the spoken word down on paper.

Digital dictations, interviews, telephone conferences, lectures, speeches, group discussions or other recordings of speech: using special transcription software we will convert your digital audio and video material into written form - in German or any other foreign language.

We will define hard and fast transcription rules with you, determined by the future use of the material:

  • Conversion of colloquial expressions ("don't" into "do not" for instance)
  • Detection of acoustic sounds or tones (such as "uhh" or "umm")
  • Reproduction of paraverbal expressions (laughing or coughing)
  • Presentation of the atmosphere (non-verbal sounds, peculiarities of speech, pauses in speech, overlapping)
  • "Smoothing out" of the spoken word to achieve a flowing message (slips of the tongue, mental leaps, inconsistent sentence structure etc.)

Please contact us for more detailed advice.

We would be pleased to assist you and look forward to your call!