More than just "pie in the sky".

We can provider answers to questions like:

  • What can machine translation provide?
  • What are the limits of machine translation?
  • What are the benefits in relation to your specific requirements?

We would be pleased to assist you in defining and implementing a tailor-made solution or alternatively enable you to use a system in our offices.

Some interesting applications:

  • Translation of internal company documents: Automatic translation of internal e-mails will make considerable savings in terms of time and money and will improve internal company efficiency.
  • Translation of bulk documents that would otherwise not be translated: Often the volume of documents to be translated exceeds the budget or data changes too quickly. Machine translation nevertheless allows you to produce foreign language documents thereby creating positive effects.
  • Machine pre-translation as an additional step in the "traditional" translation process: All of the segments that require translation, when using existing translation memory systems, are automatically pre-translated taking into account defined terminology and controlled by the translator. This produces considerable savings in terms of time and cost with suitable projects.

We are eager to see which scenario can offer your company added value and look forward to your tentative enquiry.