Reliably to the perfect result.

All of our translations are the result of committed teamwork:

  • The pinpoint definition of clear and binding quality guidelines,
  • their precise implementation and compliance with them by everyone involved in the process
  • and verification by effective quality assurance systems.

Our quality assurance processes are based closely on ISO  9001 and DIN EN 15038 quality standards. We also take into account individual requirements by developing and optimising made-to-measure processes and quality guidelines and ensure transparent control of them with our intelligent security systems.

Every single person involved in our projects - translators and Project Managers - is a qualified specialist, who we have carefully selected and checked out. The same holds true for our use of technical aids, such as the specialist software we used to comply with quality standards.

Qualified translators

Professionals in their field.

Our quality assurance process starts long before we embark on your project: in fact it starts with the selection of qualified translators.

We only admit trained, certified and experienced specialist translators into our pool of qualified translators: every applicant must undergo a multi-stage checking process that we use to examine their suitability.

We also base our selection of translators on the target language/native country principle: by this we mean that translations are produced in the translator's own native language and in the relevant country itself.

To maintain a first-class quality of translation, all translations are also subjected to the most exacting internal checks by a responsible Project Manager to ensure that the translation is delivered on schedule, communicates the message communication and is linguistically excellent.

Qualified Project Managers

Knowledge and expertise in every respect.

Our Project Managers are responsible for the coordination and organisation of your projects - they have been carefully selected for their specialist knowledge, versatility and discretion.

As one our our clients, you will be allocated a specific contact person, who will control the workflow tailored to your project in person.

Every Project Manager is a graduate linguist and, alongside perfect English and German, generally has knowledge of at least one other foreign language.

Irrespective of their professional experience, every new employee undergoes a 6-month long trainee program to familiarise themselves with our methods of working and special systems.

Regular meetings are held to promote inter-company communication, for instance to introduce innovations in the translation sector, and to keep our employees up to date with the latest developments.

Made-to-measure quality assurance processes

Nothing is off-the-shelf.

We guarantee the best possible results with our clearly defined and integrated quality assurance processes.

And we adapt them precisely to each individual project.

Our Project Managers comply with the individual stages in the quality assurance process - checking spelling, grammar and formatting alongside specific criteria - with the help of technical support.

To uphold the highest standard of quality and for maximum transparency, every client is given a link with which he can quickly and easily send feedback on the order to our QA server.

Effective QA systems

A question of technology.

Efficient QA systems support and verify every step of the process in the creation and control of translations.

The many different control mechanisms contained within our translation memory systems flag up potential sources of errors in the translation process to our Project Managers and eliminate critical issues when and where they originate. They also allow proofreaders to check the finished translation in accordance with various criteria.

The very latest terminology management systems also aid company-wide consistent use of language in your multilingual documents in the long term.

We have developed our own project management system to meet our own high standards of quality, which meets our exacting requirements in terms of detailing, transparency and flexibility.